PODCAST: Kevin Quinn on heli skiing, fitness, and lifestyle entrepreneurship

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Kevin Quinn is a retired professional hockey player, CrossFit coach, and skiing guide. He is also the owner of Points North Heli Adventure, a heli skiing operation in Cordova, Alaska.

Without an education in business or even a college degree, Kevin retired from his 5 year career in hockey to pursue his dream to start a heli skiing operation.

Through his passion and "sheer determination" it took him 9 years to bootstrap a profitable business. Now he is the President of US Heli Ski Association, and spends his days in Squaw Valley and the Chugach mountain range where he give people the opportunity to have the best days of their life. In this segment he talks about the benefits of surrounding yourself with mentors, the importance of cultivating a movement practice for skiing big mountains, and how to pursue your dream lifestyle.


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Kevin Quinn:

CrossFit & Points North Heli: Influx Episode 2.1 & 2.2


  • Kevin's life before PNH [2:00-3:30]
  • The forerunners of heli skiing [6:00]
  • Guiding principles for starting a company [8:00]
  • Bootstrap funding Helicopters [9:00]
  • Mentorship- surroud yourself with people who are better than you [12:30]
  • CrossFit and training for skiing [14:40]
  • How do you answer "What do you do" [25:00]
  • What was the last book you read that you think helped your business and skiing [25:30]
  • What does the first hour of your day look like in Alaska [26:00]
  • Resources for being a better skiier and heli skiing [27:00]
  • Where can we find more information in PNH [28:00]


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